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Pokhara, Nepal


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“The level of artisan craftmanship, and especially carpentry is out of this world in Bali. Around the city of Ubud you´ll experience infinite stretches of roadside furniture and handicraft shops, both retail made-to-order and complete wholesalers dealing in everything from manufacturing to shipping, worldwide. A personal favorite is Jepara Mulia Furniture, located on the famous Jalan (Street) Rayan Tegallalang, and although I might be a bit biased in taste this is THE place where you will find amazing modern Scandinavian inspired chairs, and benches, as well as cupboards, and cabinets – all in high quality teak wood, combined with rattan, seagrass and leather detailing. Designs are clearly inspired by Danish furniture designers like Hans Wegner, Kai Kristiansen & Finn Juhl, just to name a few, yet attention and execution is very well on par with its original designs.”

lazy cats cafe
bali ubud: (recommended hours)
"a very popular visit with both the local bobo crowd, the Instagram and annoying ‘influencer’ militia, as well as with the one-time visit and holidaymaker, so it’s quite a spread to cater to every kind of visitor; surely a difficult (and tedious) task. With that said, it’s a favorite haunt around low key hours, i.e 3-4’ish on a lazy weekday afternoon." 





“Scooters, and especially 1960-70s Vespa Piaggio are in many ways still the trusted backbone of commercial Bangkok. Thai-Chinese shopkeepers in Chinatown have been using vespas for decades to cart goods around town, making great use of its possibility to carry large amounts of extra weight, while executing time saving shortcuts through the city´s narrow sois (alleyways), where larger vehicles can´t go. The vespa scooters are not seldom handed down from one generation to the next in a family, sometimes stylized & upgraded for personal use, as the family business might refine and upgrade its vehicular armada. Impeccable condition on this leopard printed brava ragazza!”








Wax up and leash on a deserted beach
Grip is firm and my body is tight
.And the sharks are grey, and my grin is white



























It's been a long day of travelling, and you've just experienced what seems to be a never ending back breaking dirt track. If you come by bike, there's a fairly poor chance you'll make the last ascent without an almost defeating tip over; a dusty hard slap over the head for even considering venturing this far. You're really on the fringe now, in more ways than one, but giving a determined thrust on the gas handle, leaning forward and watching the peak disappear - you've now set yourself up to finally descend into mythical territories. You can both feel and smell it in the air, the ocean is down there, a vast blue tingling sensation. So far it's basically been the Wild West in the East, and really, the ride has only just begun
This is Desert Point. Where, as the sign declares

Wild Big Shit Happens


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